Cullompt Wood And Metal 2 Drawer Nightstand By Darby Home Co by Darby Home Co Fresh

Cullompt Wood And Metal 2 Drawer Nightstand By Darby Home Co by Darby Home Co Fresh

  • Color: Brown
  • Frame Material: Solid Wood
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Number of Drawers: 2
  • Overall: 25.98 H x 27.99 W x 17.76 D

Six Things to think about When Selecting Bedroom Furniture

Unless you?ve done a heap of relocating, possibilities are you?ve solely purchased bedroom furniture a few times in your lifetime. Therefore when it?s time to update your bedroom furniture, the method will appear downright overwhelming. What specifically could be a chifferobe? What?s the difference between a chest and a dresser, or a nightstand and a bedside chest? How does one even begin to choose the proper furniture for your bedroom? Here are six things to require into consideration:

one. House

The most significant issue to try to to before you start to shop for bedroom furniture is measure your room. For more info regarding choosing the right size furniture for your home, review our previous blog article here.

two. Style

Next, verify the fashion you wish for your new bedroom furniture. Have you mostly dreamed of a stately, ancient sleigh bed? Would the easy, clean lines of Glimmering Heights 6 Drawer Lingerie Chest by Michael Amini modern furniture express your trendy vogue perfectly? Or do you prefer items that are more transitional? Contemplate how the new furniture can blend with the style of your bedroom and any other furniture, fixtures, or decor you propose to stay.

three. Bed Choices

Before you fall in love with a particular vogue of bed, try to think about what kind of headboard and footboard options are best Aloysia Upholstered Platform Bed by Rosdorf Park for you. Would a high headboard be blocking a window? Would a low footboard offer your long legs a lot of area to stretch? Do you despise having to tuck the blankets in neatly at the foot of your bed, creating Rochford Upholstered Wingback Headboard by Canora Grey a high footboard an appealing option? Thinking regarding these things ahead of your time can facilitate narrow your explore for furniture.

Buying new Cullompt Wood And Metal 2 Drawer Nightstand By Darby Home Co by Darby Home Co Fresh bedroom furniture provides the proper chance to re-evaluate not only the design of bed you favor, but the size further. If you?ve determined that Fairfax 6 Drawer Double Dresser by Foundry Select a different size would better fit your needs, just keep in mind to include a brand new mattress in your plans.

four. Nightstands and Bedside Chests

Aside from a bed and mattress, nightstands are arguably the Cullompt Wood And Metal 2 Drawer Nightstand By Darby Home Co by Darby Home Co Fresh most vital pieces of bedroom furniture. Suppose of them as a necessary extension of your bed. Nightstands give a convenient location for bedside lamps, plus an area to stay things like phones, books, or alarm clocks within arm?s reach. You?ll want two nightstands during a main bedroom?one on every facet of the bed?thus be sure to allow adequate area for both.

While shopping for furniture, you'll come back across both nightstands and beside chests. What?s the distinction? While each are similar in width, nightstands are sometimes shorter and often embrace a mix of drawers on top with either cabinet-style doors or open space below. Bedside chests are taller and normally have several single-column drawers for storage.

five. Chests, Dressers, and Armoires

With all these choices, how do you recognize that items are best for your area? Many times, it comes right down to area and what works best for your storage desires.


Chests are normally taller than they're wide, making them a nice possibility if you have got limited floor space. Varying in height, they normally include between 5-seven drawers stacked in a very single column.


Dressers are wider than they're tall, and that they pair well with a mirror on top of them. Dressers sometimes have two-three columns of drawers, ranging from three-four rows of drawers per column for a complete of half dozen-9 drawers. Dressers work higher than chests after they need to be shared by 2 individuals, since the columns create them easier to divide (you get this [*fr1], I get that [*fr1]).

Armoires and Chifferobes

Armoires or chifferobes are good choices if you wish additional area to hold clothes. They sometimes embrace a rod for hanging, in addition to drawers or shelves for storing and organizing folded garments. Likewise, gentleman?s chests normally include a mix of hanging area and Cullompt Wood And Metal 2 Drawer Nightstand By Darby Home Co by Darby Home Co Fresh drawers.

Combining several pieces

If you have the space, individual pieces can generally be placed along to form one large unit, as shown within the photo accompanying this article, where a six-drawer chest is flanked by two lingerie chests for a total of 18 drawers.

6. Media Solutions

Media chests are a nice answer for bedroom TV storage, and that they typically embrace area for a DVD or Blu-ray player, plus openings to accommodate cords. Media chests are typically shorter than regular chests, keeping your TV at a perfect viewing height. If you don?t have space for a media chest, another possibility is to mount a TV higher than a dresser or media shelf.


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